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Window Washing Update

The Element HOA Board of Directors know that many, if not all of you, are wondering what the status of window washing and other exterior maintenance at Element is. As some of you may know, the Association was ordered to cease any such activities by Cal-OSHA until such time as the rooftop equipment could be brought into compliance with current regulations.

Due to fundamental flaws in the system as originally constructed, the current system is unable to be used to safely wash a sufficient portion of the windows at Element. In anticipation of the question we have already been asked, it is unlikely that Cal-OSHA will approve window washing of only a portion of our building until there is at least a plan and means identified to safely wash the entire building.

The Board of Directors has contracted with Olympique Façade Access, who is currently working on the design of a new system that will allow us to wash the windows in compliance with Cal-OSHA. Once the design is approved, The Board of Directors will then go out to bid with a Cal-OSHA approved installation company to complete the work. We can assure you that everything that can be done to expedite this process is being done with all due speed. If you have questions about this situation, please forward them to

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this necessary work.

Elevator Buttons

This is a friendly reminder to please press the elevator buttons gently when utilizing the elevator. If the buttons are pressed forcefully, hit, or punched, the button can pop-out, which ultimately results in a trip from Otis to make repairs which can be costly to the Association. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this matter.

Vehicle Gate Reminder

This is a friendly reminder to please wait for the vehicle gate to close behind you when entering and exiting through the gate. It only takes an extra couple of seconds of your time, but it is an added safety measure to ensure that other vehicles and/or pedestrians are not tailgating behind you through the gate. As always, if you notice suspicious activity, please contact the police non-emergency line at 619-531-2000.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Handicap Parking Reminders

We have been made aware of an increase in vehicles parked in the handicap parking spaces in the garage in which the vehicles are not displaying a handicap placard or a handicap license plate. Please be reminded that the handicap parking spaces in the garage are reserved for individuals with a valid handicap parking placard or handicap parking license plates provided from the DMV. In addition, for those with valid handicap parking placards or handicap parking license plates, the handicap parking spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved, assigned, or deeded to a Unit. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Cosco Re-Inspection Tomorrow 1/12/23

Please be advised that Cosco will be onsite tomorrow from 8am-8:30am to inspect units that missed the original annual fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection date. The fire alarm will be going off intermittently during this time.

Clean & Safe App

Clean & Safe recently launched an app to enable residents, visitors, businesses, and property owners to help resolve non-emergency maintenance and safety concerns Downtown. Download the app to easily make service requests such as graffiti and trash removal, security checks, tree trimming and more.  

Apple Download: Click here

Android Download: Click here

Please Do Not Drop Weights!

It has been brought to Management’s attention that residents are frequently dropping weights in the gym. This significantly impacts many of the residents who live nearby the gym, as the noise can be heard and the vibrations can be felt in their units from the gym. This is a general reminder to please be respectful of other residents’ well-being, and do not drop weights in the gym. All weights must be followed all the way to the floor and machine weights lowered slowly to resting point to avoid unnecessary vibrations and noise in units above. Thank you for your attention and cooperation regarding this matter.

Annual Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Inspection - 11/3

Element has contracted with COSCO Fire Protection to inspect the Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Systems on Thursday, November 3rd from 8am-12:30pm.

Please see the floor schedule below:

8th Floor (8 – 9am)

7th Floor (8:30 – 9:30am)

6th Floor (9 – 10am)

5th Floor (9:30 – 10:30am)

4th Floor (10 – 11am)

3rd Floor (10:30 – 11:30am)

2nd Floor (11 – 12pm)

1st Floor (11:30 – 12:30pm)

It will be necessary to enter ALL units/offices/other areas to inspect sprinkler heads for the purpose of performing the Test & Inspection for the Annual Certification of the Automatic Fire Sprinkler & Alarm System per (Title 19, State Fire Marshal’s Code). This will be a test of all alarms throughout the building, in which each unit will have its’ own horn. As such, each unit will be entered to have their fire sprinklers visually inspected and listen/inspect the horn.

The inspection process should only take about 5 minutes per unit and is done in sequence from one floor to the next until all units have been inspected. Additionally, please make sure that all pets are secured. If you are not home to provide access, your unit will be rescheduled for a later day. Owners will be charged back for this reschedule expense. Cooperation is imperative! Every attempt will be made to minimize the time to complete this task.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Please Mail In Your Ballot!

Please be advised that the Annual Meeting for 2022 is currently scheduled for Tuesday, September 27, 2022. In order to reach quorum and open ballots, we must have a total of 17 ballots. So far we have only received 11 ballots. If you have not yet submitted your ballot, please complete and submit your ballot by mail to Action Property Management, 750 B Street, Suite 2860, San Diego, CA 92101. If we do not receive at least 17 ballots by September 27th, the Annual Meeting will be postponed until October 2022.

Thank you and remember to vote!

New Community Manager

This is to inform you of your new Community Manager, Justine Poulton. Justine’s information below and will be updated on site as well.

Justine Poulton


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