Manager’s Messages

Window Washing Update

The Element HOA Board of Directors know that many, if not all of you, are wondering what the status of window washing and other exterior maintenance at Element is....

Elevator Buttons

This is a friendly reminder to please press the elevator buttons gently when utilizing the elevator. If the buttons are pressed forcefully, hit, or punched, the button can pop-out,...

Vehicle Gate Reminder

This is a friendly reminder to please wait for the vehicle gate to close behind you when entering and exiting through the gate. It only takes an extra couple...

Handicap Parking Reminders

We have been made aware of an increase in vehicles parked in the handicap parking spaces in the garage in which the vehicles are not displaying a handicap placard...

Cosco Re-Inspection Tomorrow 1/12/23

Please be advised that Cosco will be onsite tomorrow from 8am-8:30am to inspect units that missed the original annual fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection date. The fire alarm...

Clean & Safe App

Clean & Safe recently launched an app to enable residents, visitors, businesses, and property owners to help resolve non-emergency maintenance and safety concerns Downtown. Download the app to easily...

Please Do Not Drop Weights!

It has been brought to Management’s attention that residents are frequently dropping weights in the gym. This significantly impacts many of the residents who live nearby the gym, as...

Annual Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Inspection – 11/3

Element has contracted with COSCO Fire Protection to inspect the Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Systems on Thursday, November 3rd from 8am-12:30pm. Please see the floor schedule below: 8th Floor...

Please Mail In Your Ballot!

Please be advised that the Annual Meeting for 2022 is currently scheduled for Tuesday, September 27, 2022. In order to reach quorum and open ballots, we must have a...

New Community Manager

This is to inform you of your new Community Manager, Justine Poulton. Justine’s information below and will be updated on site as well. Justine Poulton 800-400-2284


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